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Global Innovation Leaders

We are a leading global innovation specialist that has created over 90 programmes with partners in Europe, Asia and North America.



We are a leading global innovation specialist which has created over 90 programmes with its partners in Europe, Asia and North America.

Founded in 2014 with a presence in the UK and the US, we have developed and delivered results-driven corporate innovation solutions, trusted by world-leading brands including BMW, Lloyd’s of London and Sodexo. Through our award-winning Innovation Labs, our partners have worked with over 400 startups with a successful deployment rate of over 76%. The New Ventures unit supports its clients to create and develop new revenue-generating businesses through its Venture Studio, and transform their corporate culture within their Intra-Lab.

Building on our experience in innovation delivery, we are expanding our advisory and capability development support through the acquisition of The Inovo Group in September 2022, a US-based innovation consultancy with over 20 years of expertise in implementing scientific research and advanced analytics to guide organisations to succeed at strategic innovation.

 Corporate Innovation Solutions

98 Corporate innovation initiatives
10k startups discovered annually
81 countries in global network
$1.6bn further funding achieved
76% solution deployment success

Why we do what we do


To be the most trusted partner for corporate innovation across the globe.

OUR Mission

Supporting businesses to achieve their strategic goals by delivering a portfolio of innovation initiatives.



Genuine in our approach and focused on delivering tangible results.


We support each other as a team, and work together with our partners, building trust as we deliver.


No innovation theatre. We deliver innovative solutions that drive a measurable impact.


We bring enthusiasm and determination to everything we do and care deeply about outcomes.

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