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Launching the Kaleidoscope podcast

Kaleidoscope is a new podcast and a new twist on innovation. Bringing together experts and entrepreneurs from a range of sectors, the first series explores collaboration as the main driver of innovation.

Hosted by startup platform Startacus, Kaleidoscope is a joint production with innovation specialist and early-stage investor L Marks.

L Marks bridges the gap between corporates looking to innovate and startups looking to scale. Through its collaborative Innovation Labs, startups are set up for success with unrivalled access to industry networks, expert mentorship, opportunities to develop and trial PoCs and launch opportunities. Similarly, large organisations – for example, BMW Group, British Airways and Lloyd’s of London – gain exposure to pioneering technologies, taking these through to implementation, and discover new ways of working. Since 2014, L Marks has launched over 50 Innovation Labs in Europe, Israel, Japan and the US, enabling corporates to move forward and manoeuvre in directions and helping over 170 startups gain a foothold in their markets.

In this series, co-hosts Alastair Cameron and Karishma Kusurkar speak to guests including Anthony Rose, Co-founder and Chief Executive of SeedLegals, Emma Marshall, Innovation Account Manager at L Marks, and Alex Wrottesley, Head of Geovation.

Turning the spotlight on collaboration, Kaleidoscope tells a new story about innovation – one that clears the path for meaningful change and, therefore, growth.

Startacus co-founder Alastair Cameron explained:

Over this Kaleidoscope series, we chat to industry leading guests to learn more about innovation as a collaboration, from understanding more about the key dynamics of innovation, to how startups can work and collaborate successfully with big corporates and organisations, to how collaborative innovation can bring about business pivots and growth.

Daniel Saunders of L Marks said:

Kaleidoscope demonstrates that collaboration is the driver for authentic transformation, taking innovation beyond disruption and delivering meaningful change. Bringing together innovation experts and entrepreneurs from across a range of sectors, this series reveals the value that is created when startups leverage the knowledge, experience and resources of major companies, and when those companies collaborate with entrepreneurs doing things differently, adopting and integrating startup solutions.

The first episode, The Change Worth Making, with Anthony Rose of SeedLegals, Matt Ballentine of Stamp London and Daniel Saunders of L Marks, is now available on SoundCloud.