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All you need to know about WeFiFo, the online platform for Supper Club hosts, home cooks and professional chefs, now fundraising on Crowdcube

L Marks alumnus and portfolio company WeFiFo have reached 102% of their crowdfunding round with ten days to go on their Crowdcube campaign. 

A multi-award-winning startup, WeFiFo wants to change the way people eat by giving home cooks, Supper Club hosts and professional chefs the ability to share their food with paying guests. Founded in 2016 by Seni Glaister, who previously co-founded The Book People Ltd and served as CEO of the company for 27 years, WeFiFo has grown from three people to a team of 450 with a turnover of £100 million.

“WeFiFo are a great team with a fantastic product!”

Jake Baldry, Programme Manager for intu Accelerate 2018. 

With more than half of all meals in the UK eaten alone, it should not come as a surprise that 16-25 year-olds are today identifying as lonelier than 75+ year-olds. WeFiFo exists to alleviate this problem, along with a number of other social and commercial issues. The company, based on a scalable gig economy model, provides all those looking to run their own Supper Clubs or pop-up restaurants with access to centralised marketing, ticket sales, food safety and administrative and customer service support. The platform is regularly updated with new features based on user feedback, with the most recent development being the rollout of a customisable CRM database. 

The WeFiFo team have taken part in two L Marks innovation programmes, JLAB 2017 in partnership with John Lewis and intu Accelerate 2018 in partnership with shopping centre management and development company, Intu, achieving great results with both of these leading companies. Ella Martin, Head of Programmes at L Marks, explains what makes WeFiFo such a great team to work with:

“In both JLAB and intu Accelerate, WeFiFo were a joy to work with. They were proactive in seeking out new opportunities and proved themselves as excellent problem-solvers. They brought something completely new to the table in both of the 12-week innovation programmes, which shows their ability to adapt easily to different corporate strategies.”

Jake Baldry, L Marks Programme Manager for intu Accelerate in 2018, added:

“WeFiFo had a very clear idea about what they wanted to get out of the programme and worked hard to make it happen. They joined the programme through the “Events with a Difference” category and delivered when it came to helping Intu make the most of their retail space to engage their community. WeFiFo are a great team with a fantastic product.”

The team’s impressive progress and winning attitude during their 12 weeks in JLAB was one of the key factors in L Marks decision to become one of the first investors in WeFiFo. Matteo Scarabelli, Head of Investment at L Marks, shared his view on the startup’s progress:  

“We invested at seed stage around a year ago, and WeFiFo smashed the 12-month milestones they promised. They validated their unique selling proposition, established working relationships with a number of corporate partners, including the recent launch with Waitrose, and started their international expansion. So far, their events have taken place in hosts’ homes, in woodlands, in shopping centres, in supermarket cafes, on boats and in parks: we haven’t seen anything similar on the market”

“We have a very clear roadmap for 2019 that should see us delivering £10m of revenue but we do need to increase resource to get there. We have a very small team and when I consider what we have achieved together in the last twelve months, it’s astonishing.”

Seni Glaister, CEO of WeFiFo

WeFiFo recently entered a new phase of growth with the launch of their £400,000 crowdfunding campaign. Seni Glaister, CEO of WeFiFo, explained that, following a number of conversations with potential investors, the company decided to go down the crowdfunding route, which felt more inclusive for their community of hosts. Seni added:

“We have a very clear roadmap for 2019 that should see us delivering £10m of revenue but we do need to increase resource to get there. We have a very small team and when I consider what we have achieved together in the last twelve months, it’s astonishing. With a bigger team we can capitalise on some of the great opportunities we have by working closely with our channel partners, whilst harnessing the power of our organic growth which is gathering momentum every day.”

If you are on the lookout for your next investment, there is still time to back WeFiFo on Crowdcube. 

Please note: investments of this nature carry risk to your capital. Please Invest Aware.


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