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The companies participating in the X-Hub Tokyo Outbound Programme, London Course have been chosen

The X-Hub Tokyo Outbound Programme, London Course assists Japanese startups in developing business models tailored for the UK market, while also facilitating connections with investors and business relationships through our extensive network, providing access that would otherwise be challenging to attain independently!

This programme offered Japanese companies the opportunity to present their technologies and solutions in various fields such as health tech, inclusive fashion, AI to the UK market.

The chosen companies for the X-Hub Tokyo Outbound Programme, London Course are:

IDDK Co., Ltd. (Health Tech; Industrial Tech)

IDDK is making space experiments accessible by constructing a space bio-laboratory using artificial satellites. We utilise our one-chip microscopic observation technology called Micro Imaging Device (MID) to establish a remotely operated automated laboratory in space satellites.

Dioseve Inc. (Health Tech) 

Dioseve is a biotechnology venture engaged in research and development towards commercialising the technology of creating eggs through the differentiation induction of iPS cells, which was also featured in the scientific journal Nature. We
aim to implement this cutting-edge technology into society.

Boost Draft Inc. (DataTech)

BoostDraft redefines legal professionals’ ways of working by taking the productivity secrets of software engineers’ coding techniques and applying them to legal drafting. Our software transforms Microsoft Word into an assisted document editor specialised for legal professionals and enables effortless navigation, editing and proofreading of complex documents.

Datagusto Inc. (Accessibility; Data Tech)

Datagusto is a revolutionary data communication platform that seamlessly integrates communication and real-time mobile data visualisation without requiring expertise. Revolutionising the way data is delivered by GenAI.

Elephantech Inc. (Industrial Tech; Sustainability & Recycling)

With the mission of “Making the world sustainable with new manufacturing technologies”, Elepantech’s goal is to make our Pure AdditiveTM method the standard in electronics manufacturing, supporting the global transition towards a more environmentally friendly world.The Pure AdditiveTM method remarkably reduces carbon footprint by 75%, copper consumption by 70%, and water usage by 95%.

Gigalogy (Data Tech; Retail Tech)

Gigalogy is building the future of E-Commerce. Our personalised product recommendation platform offers all you need to create stunning experiences. Our goal is to recommend the right products, to the right person, at the right time.

Thermalytica Inc. (Energy Transition; Industrial Tech; sustainability & Recycling; Transport & Mobility; Urban Development)

Thermalytica is a clean-tech startup providing patented TIISA® thermal insulation materials and solutions for key sectors, including the liquified hydrogen supply chain, aviation and space, as well as emerging markets including EVs, and net-zero energy buildings. Our goal is to help clients achieve their ESG initiatives by reducing carbon footprints and adopting renewable energy sources

Socious (HR & Workforce Management; Sustainability & Recycling)

Socious is a talent marketplace that makes impact work accessible and transparent. We connect purpose-driven professionals with impact organizations through AI matching. We use blockchain to make impact work traceable and reward contributions.

SOLIT (Healthcare, Hospitality; Retail; Social welfare)

SOLIT is an inclusive fashion brand that allows people to choose their own design, size, and length for each part of their body according to their own preferences, regardless of their disability and body type.

TKG Therapeutics (Health Tech)

An innovative biotech startup developing cancer therapies that activate the innate immune response system through unique mechanisms of action.