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Spixii among top Insurtech to Digitize Insurance Businesses

Congratulations to Spixii as they have been included in the TechBullion’s “5 Best Insurtech to Digitize Insurance Businesses”. Spixii is an online platform providing multiple insurance policies using artificial intelligence and machine learning. Their aim is to enhance the customer journey in the insurance world through conversations with their chatbot. 

Spixii was one of the five startups chosen to take part in the Blue Table programme by Bupa in 2017. The 10-week programme aimed to give the team an opportunity to pilot their product inside the global health company as well as make a positive impact on Bupa’s customers. 

Since Bupa, Spixii has continued to help global insurers with their chatbot solutions. Since then they have worked with Duck Creek, Zurich UK and taken part in accelerator programme Techstars.