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Meet the L Marks team: Hannah Page

As Head of Programmes, Hannah leads the Programmes team and oversees all of L Marks’ innovation programmes. Over to Hannah…

Before joining L Marks I… received a first-class honours degree from Leeds University. While studying, I set up a consultancy project, which, 10 years on, is still going strong. I spent some time in Ghana where I set up a social enterprise within a rural community and I also worked in New York where I ran a programme for people with a range of developmental disabilities. When I returned to the UK, I joined BI Worldwide and travelled around Europe for two years organising corporate events for Dell, Mercedes-Benz and Lexus. After that I moved to London to work at Pilotlight, which connects ambitious charities with business leaders, becoming Head of Project Management. My most recent role before joining L Marks was at Grant Thornton where I set up their community programme to help people explore new ways of working. Outside of work, I set up YWN London – a women’s network spanning many different industries – and mentored young entrepreneurs.

My role at L Marks involves… leading the Programmes team and overseeing all of our delivery, both with our corporate partners and the startups that participate in L Marks programmes. We run a wide range of programmes and are constantly looking for ways to improve what we do, so no two days are the same. As Head of Programmes, I get to work with a super-talented team everyday, which makes it a great job!

I would explain my job to a 5-year-old by saying… I help different groups of people work together to find better ways of doing things.

What I love about L Marks is… the great team! Of course, it’s great working with – and learning from – our corporate partners and all the startups too. It’s been wonderful to see fantastic results as well… Since I joined about 18 months ago, the number of startups and corporate partners that continue to work together after their programme has ended has increased.

My worst work habit is… drinking a lot of Diet Coke – currently three cans a day (almost a litre in total). While we’re not in the office, I’ve no doubt that everyone is missing the sound of the can being opened at 9:30am! (They don’t know that I’ve usually already had one on the train two hours earlier!) My habit certainly makes a few people giggle – and a few others roll their eyes at the sight of the cans lined up on my desk…

What I’m most proud of since joining L Marks is… the Programmes team! It’s a real privilege to watch them all develop and learn as individuals while also coming together as a team. L Marks has an awesome culture, but I’m especially proud when I see the Programmes team challenging each other and coming up with new ideas to help tackle each other’s problems. Their willingness to share their own learnings and their openness to trying out different strategies is brilliant.

Before logging on I usually… do a quick workout and get ready for the day. In lockdown I’ve been able to get up a little later since there’s no 6:25am train to London. Due to working from home, I’ve also been able to cut out other parts of my morning routine so getting ready is now super-speedy!

I spend most of my day… catching up with the team about their different programmes and, more generally, how they are. I join meetings with our corporate partners and startups,  supporting the team member who’s leading on that programme, and I attend all programme events – sometimes I’ll be at an event all day. Another thing that I love about my job is that I get to be creative, working with colleagues to design new products and then working out how to deliver them. I’m also involved with resource planning, hiring and training for the team, and I spend time each week checking that we’re meeting our organisational and team strategies. As part of the Leadership team, I generally also have another project on the go, whether that’s creating a risk register or thinking about how we can collaborate with others. There’s usually a fair bit of firefighting along the way too!

When I log off I… go for a post-work walk to switch off, have dinner with my partner Dan – he’s been doing all the cooking –and speak to family or friends on Zoom. I’ve had far too many quizzes during lockdown, as well as virtual bingo and even a virtual murder mystery, but it’s all kept me entertained and connected to people. Pre-lockdown I’d meet friends for dinner or drinks and I used to love the odd late-night gallery visit or theatre trip. I look forward to doing all those things again!