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As part of L Marks’ long-term support package, our internal investment team provides support and guidance to both alumni and portfolio companies. This team’s experience and passion for the startup ecosystem enables them to offer a wide variety of services to companies going through our programmes.

Fundraising is a fundamental part of start-up growth. With this in mind, L Marks have established a large network of business angel, venture capital and institutional investors. Over the years, this large pool of connections has enabled our portfolio and alumni companies to raise funds directly through the partnerships and deal flows we have established. Since our first lab, L Marks has assisted with the combined raising of over £12m by our alumni. 


Furthermore, L Marks has also made direct investments into teams participating in our accelerators. With a focus on B2B software teams, we have a combined portfolio of 37 teams across multiple industries and spread across the globe. With several successful exits, L Marks are continuing to explore and discover new and emerging start-ups that they can help scale and grow.