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Introducing the five startups in JLAB 2017


BB1 is a spin out of stalwart retail technology company Herbert Retail. We are an eclectic mix of software programmers, data scientists and retail veterans based half way between Scotland and France in sunny Cambridge’s Barclays Eagle Labs. Our software is deployed as an API and doesn’t require any hardware installed in a store. Our product (called Reveal) aggregates multiple data sources comprising anonymised mobile phone location data and using clever machine learning algorithms takes that data and provides business understandable visualisations from which you can make decisions on shopper behaviour such as footfall and dwell time.


Dynamic Addresses for a Dynamic Lifestyle”. Exaactly addresses people, rather than fixed locations. It empowers consumers to get orders anyhow, anywhere, anytime. Exaactly acts as a centralised, up-to-date online address book that connects businesses to their customers. With Exaactly, sharing delivery addresses is as quick and easy as sharing an email address. Exaactly is personalised, memorable and meaningful to you and your space. Creating a new Exaactly address or accessing saved ones is quick and easy through a pop-up that sits inside a retailer’s checkout.


Imagine being able to identify the shoppers browsing your website that aren’t going to buy, and offering them a seamless, personalised experience linking your online and retail stores. We spot those shoppers, seamlessly give them a personal experience, get them into one of your stores, and give the Partners in store a chance to deliver a great sale. We believe that shopping should be fun, customers should feel valued, and customer experience should be the #1 priority for retailers, so we’re super excited to be working with JLP, who we know share this ethos.


Like a personal stylist for your tastebuds, Mucho is an smart grocery shopping app.
Mucho helps people to eat better by providing curated recommendations (including free recipes, plan your shopping list and more). The hard work is done behind the scenes – through ingredients optimisation and intelligent product selection, Mucho chooses the best products that suit you. Mucho is fully flexible and easily accommodate any family size, budget, diet and lifestyle. Customers can buy groceries by themselves, get shopping delivered or click & collect at their local store.


WeFiFo is an industry enabler. Empowering the home cook, the supper club host, the pop up restaurant and the professional to turn their space (any space!) in to their own restaurant. WeFiFo supports, markets, trains and insures their hosts, giving them everything they need to start sharing their skill and earning money from their food. Hosting at home means there is no cost to the host, pre-selling the tickets through WeFiFo means there is no financial risk of no-shows, no wastage and no awkward collection of money on the night.
The social eating revolution is here! And more than just helping excellent cooks turn their food in to cash, WeFiFo is helping reduce the number of people who eat in isolation, it’s helping to reduce food waste, it’s offering a flexible earning opportunity for those who need it, it’s making the weekly food budget go further and it’s a new way fundraise for charity.