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Disrupt the market

The worst mistake any corporate can make is ignoring the threat of disruption. For a business to continue to grow and develop in new and profitable ways, only a well-thought-out innovation strategy will do. Our strategy of leveraging the entrepreneurial ideas of early and growth-stage businesses has proven effective for international corporates spanning all sectors. Watch our video to find out more about our corporate-startup collaboration programmes.

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Following a 360-degree innovation assessment, L Marks’ Internal Innovation Team designs a strategy for meaningful change.

An intrapreneurship programme designed to empower and equip employees to develop new solutions for the business, driving a dynamic culture and, ultimately, fuelling growth.

10 weeks’ intensive collaboration with pioneering startups, producing trial-proven solutions to business challenges and driving cultural change.

Executives are joined by pioneering startups, and/ or existing suppliers, to design and co-create new solutions in this fast-paced three-day challenge.

A global campaign to locate pioneering startups, Discovery culminates in Pitch Day as an opportunity to explore future collaborations.

A twelve-month development programme taking early-stage concepts into execution and commercialsation.

One challenge, one team, one 10-week sprint. Repeat.

During an intensive one-week bootcamp, later- stage companies partner with internal teams to optimise their solutions for the business.

Always-on scouting providing a constant stream of highly relevant startups, all ready to tackle business challenges as and when they arise.

Taking you from ideation to implementation, Catalyst is a three-day programme to generate business solutions from within.

Through immersive tours of international tech hubs, Offgrid provides inspiration for innovation projects and paves the way for future collaborations of all kinds.

A forum for exchanging ideas and exploring partnerships while discovering cutting-edge startup technologies through an inspiring events programme.


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The Bridge as a Connector

The Bridge is a simple way to connect with new ideas and technologies, both from startups and internally within a business.

Idea Generation

The Bridge is a portal allowing entrepreneurs and internal innovators to develop their ideas, and connect with relevant partners or collaborators.

Filter and Select

The Bridge’s screening system and events app allows corporate organisations to select the best new ideas to develop further. Engage larger groups of employees to promote a culture change in your business, and have people thinking in a more agile way.

Get going

The Bridge’s Programme Tool allows you to set objectives along specific use cases for each technology team. This ensures that each team stays focused and delivers tangible results.

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