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Howz confronts coronavirus pandemic with award-winning tech

Launched in Surrey to support people with dementia and their carers during the coronavirus pandemic, the NHS’s new TIHM (Technology Integrated Health Management) Monitoring Service is based on technology developed by EDF Energy Blue Lab winner Howz.

Developed and trialled during the 2016 Blue Lab programme, Howz’s award-winning remote monitoring system uses special devices installed in people’s homes to track temperature, pulse, oxygen saturation and general wellbeing. The new NHS service relies on Howz’s minoring system to swiftly identify health issues, which are then flagged on a centralised system and followed up by a clinically led Monitoring Team. They will, in turn, provide users with prompt advice and support and, if necessary, arrange for coronavirus testing.

Howz first partnered with the NHS in 2017. Since then the team have formed partnerships with a wide-range of organisations, including the Royal Mail in Greater Manchester.