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Drive with Belron

Drive is the startup accelerator from Belron – parent company of Autoglass in the UK, Safelite in the US and Carglass in Belgium – created to fast-track disruptive young businesses. We have partnered with Belron since 2016, delivering three iterations of Drive, which runs for 10 weeks. Startups work with Belron’s international business units to trial their products and solutions at scale.

Over the three years of Drive, 230 startups have applied to the programme from all over the world. More than 60 companies have attended a Pitch Day and 12 startups have participated in Drive. Selected startups are as follows:


Atta Community

Sorry As A Service



Talking Circles





Soft Edge

Belron has continued trials and entered into commercial discussions with over 90% of the startups that have taken part in Drive. The company has also invested in three teams: Sorry As A Service, ThriveMap and Locpin.

Startup profile: ThriveMap

ThriveMap maps the ideal working environment for a team to thrive. Employee (and prospective employee) preferences are compared, allowing for a more effective and objective process when it comes to recruiting and distributing employees across teams.

ThriveMap ran a successful trial with Carglass in Spain during the 10-week Drive programme. Following the completion of the collaboration programme, ThriveMap secured a commercial contract with Belron and won £128,000 in investment from Belron and L Marks.

Drive was a fantastic experience, we’ve been recommending it to everyone we speak to! Working with the team in Carglass Spain was incredible. From the moment we landed in Barcelona it became obvious that the team in Carglass were willing to invest their time getting to know us, our product and, importantly, how we like to work. Whilst we were out in Spain we visited one of their branches and spotted a new opportunity to improve their technician recruitment process. If we hadn’t spent time getting to know their business this opportunity would not have been created and it’s forming a big part of how we see ThirveMap evolving going forward.

Chris Platts, CEO and Co-Founder, Thrivemap


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