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Arsenal innovation lab

In 2017, we worked with Arsenal FC to launch the Arsenal Innovation Lab. Our first programme in the sports and entertainment space, it was designed to structure and systematise partnerships between startups and scaling businesses and Arsenal FC. Teams were given the opportunity to run Proofs of Concept across industry areas and on match days at the Emirates Stadium. 

Out of the 244 startups that applied to the programme from all over the world, 22 were selected to compete for a place in the Lab at Pitch Day.

“Arsenal Innovation Lab has been a first for us and we are really proud of how well it has gone. We have worked with six fantastic startups to deliver some truly innovative initiatives for our fans and club. Can I thank all those who have worked on the Arsenal Innovation Lab, from the startups, L Marks, and especially to our Arsenal people who have embraced the Lab so fully. It is a great demonstration of the values we seek to represent everyday.”

Hywel Sloman, Operations Director, Arsenal FC

The following six startups were invited to join the 10-week Lab held at Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium in London:


KonnecTo allows clubs to perceive and analyse every interaction that fans have had with the team and its sponsors over the previous 10 years. It measures the value of existing partnerships, informs future sponsor partnerships and helps to create comprehensive fan profiles.


BotnationAI is a product of Uplike SAS. It allows you to build smart chatbots on Facebook Messenger, Google Home, websites and all messaging apps with an API without using a single line of code. BotnationAI includes powerful features including A/B testing, analytics, a push notifications management console and artificial intelligence.


Geospatial Augmented Reality Platform, Aireal, enables the placement of digital content at longitude, latitude and altitude coordinates. It gives millimetre-level accuracy, works both indoors and outdoors and does not require any additional hardware.


With Peak, businesses are able to grow their revenues and profits using a unique Data Analytics service. Peak can stream any dataset from any business into a powerful analytics machine, with daily hands-on support and interpretation from the people who built it.


WoraPay maximises sales for retailers, including food and beverage providers, by helping customers avoid queuing. The company’s technology should be used at peak times to maximise the number of order taken and delivered.

I like that

‘I like that’ is an e-commerce layer technology for publisher websites which facilitates impulse purchases across the Web. It provides a comprehensive and on-demand retail experience, allowing users to purchase directly through media without having to navigate to the e-store.

Startup profile: KonnecTo

KonnecTo is an AI-based data collection and analysis platform that enables brands to analyse customers’ past and present personal interactions at every touch-point and translates that information into actionable insights. KonnecTo Sports platform analyses data that fans from all around the world knowingly share with sports clubs, helping their partnerships teams to measure the value of existing sponsorships and predict the value of prospective sponsorships.

During the collaboration programme, KonnecTo developed a data flow process and set up a mini-site for Arsenal FC’s global fan base. Focused on Nigeria, the trial allowed KonnecTo to use their model to engage with the club’s large fan base in the country. This Proof of Concept sparked an ongoing relationship between Arsenal and KonnecTo, which will both help the startup grow its early-stage revenue and help Arsenal engage with international fans.


The insights which KonnecTo will be able to provide the Partnership Development team about our fan base unequivocally give us a point of distinction against our competitors. Firstly, in enabling us to put a compelling proposition in front of prospective partners in regard to our audiences aligning, and secondly, in identifying new brands we should be targeting.”

Alex Wicks, Head of Partnership Development, Arsenal FC


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