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BSI and Citadel AI partner to solve the AI challenges of tomorrow

BSI, the global standards and business improvement company, and Citadel AI, a Japanese-based provider of automated AI testing and monitoring tools, have today partnered to ensure AI is used ethically, safely, and responsibly in industries that pose risks to humans.

The new partnership, facilitated by L Marks, the global innovation specialists, will seek to reassure users that the cutting-edge technology increasingly being integrated into potentially high-risk innovations aligns with best practice and complies with forthcoming EU regulations on AI. The partnership is designed to ensure that the AI used to help people in a variety of ways, from robotics to biometric identification, becomes more trustworthy, transparent and responsible, with any risks of “AI going wrong” being minimized.

For example, in the case of medical devices, AI-powered healthcare tools are in the coming decades predicted to be transformative to patient outcomes, with the potential to improve the accuracy of diagnosis and treatment and enhance productivity and efficiency among healthcare professionals. To instil confidence, BSI and Citadel AI believe that there is a vital role for an independent party assessing conformance to industry standards, along with robust auditing and certification services.

Through Citadel AI’s tools, as part of their assessment process, BSI can measure AI compliance against technical standards, supported by in-depth technical analysis including fairness testing, bias detection and robustness testing. They can also automatically generate comprehensive analysis and reporting for supporting the assessment process, assuring the safety and reliability of AI systems.

BSI and Citadel AI will initially focus on the healthcare industry and quickly expand their services to oversee other high-risk sectors such as the automotive industry and other highly sensitive products such as biometric identification, helping to protect individual identities.

Manuela Gazzard, BSI Group Director, Regulatory Services, said:

“BSI is delighted to be partnering with Citadel AI to further enhance the reliability, safety and security of AI for the long-term benefit of society, organizations and individuals. This technology has the potential to transform the way we live for the better, provided that digital trust is built in from the start.

Citadel AI have technology and skills that, combined with BSI’s technical knowledge and regulatory service expertise, can add real value in helping organizations to responsibly scale AI for the good of society.”

Kenny Song, Co-Founder and CTO, Citadel AI, said:

“We are very excited and honoured to have been selected as a key business partner of BSI. This is a valuable opportunity for us to work with a world-leading organization with the same mission of making the world’s AI systems more reliable.”

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