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Blue Table from Bupa Begins

Opening the doors on the Blue Table programme is an extremely exciting experience for us – we are working with five completely different teams who will impact a whole raft of areas of Bupa’s business. We have some ambitious plans for pilots and iteration throughout the 10-week period, and we will all have to move very quickly to make it happen. Working in health and insurance presents its own unique challenges, however partnering with such exciting startups and an innovative company like Bupa means that we have the best chance of doing some really interesting things.

The five startups:


“We help health insurers attract, incentivise & reward healthy behaviours.”

Traditionally, health and life insurers have little engagement with their members until after they make a claim. The cost of health conditions and claims caused by poor lifestyle (weight, diet etc.) is significant and growing as our population ages.

The digital health platform uses biosensors, white-label health apps & AI-human coaching, to help insurers manage and improve the health of large populations at a fraction of the cost of previous preventative health services. The chatbot and rewards platform encourages ongoing member engagement far exceeding other services. Boundlss’ white-label digital health platform provides innovative human-AI coaching and continuous real-time biometric & activity tracking – connecting with over 200 wearables, health apps and biosensors.

MIRA Rehab

“Digital health software that gamifies exercise and physiotherapy.”

Medical rehabilitation can be a cumbersome and at times painful process, mostly due to the repetitiveness of the treatment. Approximately 70% of patients do not adhere to their therapist’s recommended exercises at home and therefore take longer to recover. This also results in therapists spending longer times with the same patient, costing the entire system more money.

MIRA displays the exercises as video-games and asks patients to complete the recommended movements to progress through each game level. As a result, patients are playing, while at the same time actually recovering. The patient’s performance data is also tracked, storing all the repetitions, improvements or issues for the therapists to adapt the treatment accordingly. As each patient and their treatment require careful planning, MIRA is designed as a tool for the therapists, to enable the specialists to customise the treatment for each individual.

Onaria Technologies

“We develop AI to help people take control of their health.”

Their product, PlaqueChecker is the worlds first digital dental checkup using your smartphone! This software enables a user to capture an image of their teeth, locate and visually display where the plaque is as well as giving a score of the individual’s plaque percentage.

There is currently no digital means which allow people to know how well they are cleaning their teeth and gums. Currently, the way that people check where plaque is located on their teeth is by visiting a dentist or chewing on a disclosing tablet which can be messy and tedious. Furthermore, there is also no quick and easy way to detect gum inflammation.


“SPIXII is an automated insurance agent dedicated to making insurance quicker, easier and more personal than ever before.”

SPIXII’s first product is a white label technology sold to insurance companies and banks (B2B). It is a chatbot provider for financial institutions and insurance companies that want to leverage automation, transparency and digital customer experiences to complement and expand their distribution and retention strategies.

By focusing on one vertical and leveraging their domain expertise, they have crafted and tested hundreds of insurance customer experiences and learned how to master them. SPIXII is supported by acceleration programs and awards, namely TechStars, Startupbootcamp, MassChallenge, Allianz Accelerateur, Accenture FinTech Lab, BNP call4ideas and AXA choice at VivaTech.


“vDNA uses microbiome, genetic, blood testing, online assessment and activity tracker to deliver actionable health insights and live support”

vDNA is a preventive health company, offering a science based personalised wellness program which includes gut microbiome, DNA and blood testing, an online health assessment and a complementary activity tracker. vDNA generates scientifically-backed personalised actionable recommendations to clients in nutrition, physical activity, mind, sleep and other wellness areas. Also provides chat-based access to their in-house team of medical doctors and fitness experts who support clients throughout their wellness journey.

vDNA is the only company which (1) aggregates microbiome, genetic, and blood testing with phenotypic health data in one home-delivered package, and (2) provides science-backed actionable insights based on testing and other health data