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Current corporate strategy, and the methods used for creating corporate strategy, is broken. Today, a company’s ability to prepare for uncertain futures is in doubt. Competitive intensity is increasing, society and governments are undergoing rapid transformation. Innovation efforts only seem to provide incremental growth. The historical approach to strategy needs an overhaul.

This is a series of articles on new approaches to Strategy creation and execution that is based on the past two decades of innovation research, development and practice. An underlying premise is that strategy and innovation are really two sides of the same coin. They are how a company see’s their future and prepares for it. A unified system of strategy+innovation is what will be needed in the increasingly VUCA world that will be our future.

Why have a new type of strategy in the first place?, What does a strategy that embraces the inherent uncertainty and complexity of the future look like? How do you create and use such a strategy? These questions, and more, are addressed in this series. Please read and comment. We hope that this series provokes strong reactions in both directions.

  1. Seeing Beyond This Tipping Point: Now is the Time for an Innovator’s Approach to Strategy
  2. Options-based Strategy: An Approach for Uncertain Times