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Investing in the technologies of tomorrow. Accelerating their application today.

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L Marks are experts in applied corporate innovation programmes and early-stage investors. Through our collaboration programmes, corporates learn how to embrace disruption and startups win the support required to succeed. We bridge the gap between industry leaders and the innovators shaping their sectors. Working with the world’s best-known brands, we identify business challenges and create bespoke scouting projects and collaboration programmes to take them on. We see challenges as opportunities for improvement and innovation.

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Powering Innovation

Startup Acceleration

Corporates are well-equipped to provide the insights, mentorship and practical support that startups need to grow. Getting their attention, however, is not easy. That’s where we come in. Our collaboration programmes generate relationships that positively impact early and growth-stage businesses from day one. They make industry expertise available, unlock trial and PoC opportunities and often lead to investment.

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Corporate Innovation

Corporates today know they have to do business differently, but they don’t always know what has to change. We throw light on the challenges they’re facing and we scout for the startups whose solutions and mentalities will drive the business forward. No longer a luxury, innovation is the essential fuel for growth.



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